Will Your PSO Be Able to Meet Client Demand?

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Results of SPI Research’s 2014 Professional Services Maturity Benchmark™ Reveals Capacity Concerns: Find a Cure in Information Infrastructure

With near record growth rates, professional services (PS) executives continue their emphasis on increasing both revenue and profit. In SPI Research’s recent benchmark (the 2014 Professional Services Maturity Benchmark is available for free here) we have seen virtually every financial key performance indicator (KPI) near or at its highest level over the last five years. Continue reading

Is FP&A Certification Right for Your Organization?

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An Interview with Association for Financial Professionals’
Brian Kalish (Part 2)

In part one of this two-part interview, we learned what the first FP&A Certification program is and what it is designed to benchmark. Three years in the making, the Association for Financial Professionals’ (AFP) director, finance practice, Brian Kalish, has received a lot of advice and interest as he has spearheaded the program.

With these questions that conclude our time with Brian, I came away with a better understanding of the FP&A industry and the significance of certification for professionals and corporations alike. Continue reading

Today’s PSO Market: 3 Concerning Trends and 1 For Your Radar

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The last year was a growth year for many professional services organizations and 2014 will continue to be so, especially in the USA and South America, driven by the improving economic environment. With year-over-year growth measurably beginning at the turn of the 21st century, certain topics often surface with regularity. Below are the three most prevalent topics that had me digging and researching to learn more to determine their validity. With each of these trends, I link to a report that I believe best, and most succinctly, reports on the topic for additional reference. Continue reading

FP&A Certification Is Here! Is Your Team Qualified?

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An Interview with Association for Financial Professionals’ Brian Kalish (Part 1)

As the Association for Financial Professionals’ (AFP) director, finance practice, Brian Kalish has been a part of the invigorating discussion of the role of strategic capital planning in Finance. Especially, as it relates to competing for resources, talent, and priority from Treasury, Budget, and other lines of business.

Recently, Brian was instrumental in launching AFP’s FP&A Certification beta with great stories of individual and corporate interest from around the world. Continue reading

Three Ways for Professional Services Orgs to Tackle the Talent Cliff

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Year-Over-Year Data Points to Upcoming Resource Challenges – SPI Research Has a Plan

I’ve had the pleasure of working with SPI Research on the subject of how technology can support organizations facing and/or preparing for the challenge of resource constraints. The subject is close to my heart because PSOs inevitably have to continue to meet revenue targets with fewer talented people. The answer lies in getting better visibility of demand, automating processes and reporting as much as possible and managing margins, so that services can be delivered consistently and profitably… which happens to be my expertise. Continue reading

7 Informative IT PMO Resources to Leverage in 2014

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As we begin to tackle everything the New Year brings, I wanted to share this list of informative IT PMO resources from 2013 I thought you may find helpful as you work through your 2014 goals.

These resources feature best practices from IT executives in today’s leading organizations, trends from industry analysts, and our own resident expert and best-selling business author, Jerry Manas.

With 2014 well underway, we are finalizing our plans and are excited to provide you with timely content and actionable advice you can leverage to advance your PMO. Continue reading

Four Picks on the Biggest Trend in Professional Services for 2014

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As it has been for the past several years, the concern over the state of professional services organizations has not been about if they are going to grow; but rather how. Since 2010, the state of the industry has seen double digit growth in personnel and revenues despite economic and political uncertainty.¹

Of the primary research published in 2013 to better understand this phenomenon, I’ve discovered a uniting theme: resource visibility. The idea that larger PSOs are finding better project margins by understanding how their billable personnel are being utilized is not new or strange. However, in 2013, the research was resoundingly consistent as to how more successful companies are using capacity and personnel insight to ensure year over year growth. Continue reading

Long-Range Planning and FP&A: A Crash Course for 2014

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Last year produced an amazing number of qualitative and quantitative recommendations for the FP&A professional. Early in 2013, Ventana Research and Financial Executive Research Foundation (FERF) published the first of its kind: New Benchmarks in Long-Range Planning. The comprehensive study spawned both an Executive Summary from Ventana Research and a complementary set of actionable recommendations from FERF among several other items including a webcast and some media attention.

Continue reading

Tips 6-10 for Better Project Estimates

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In my blog post, 10 Tips for Better Project Estimates, I introduced the white paper by best-selling business author, Jerry Manas, titled Bigger Than a Breadbox: 10 Tips for Better Project Estimates — Part I, which outlines five out of 10 suggestions project managers should consider when estimating projects. Effective estimating drives project success, better resource planning, and portfolio alignment. Without it, impacts can extend far beyond the task or project and can affect the entire portfolio, resulting in misuse of organizational resources. Continue reading

Is Your Long-Range Plan Ready For 2014?

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Revisiting the Latest Benchmarks for Long-Range Planning with Improvements in Mind

In February of 2013, Ventana Research and the Financial Executive Research Foundation (FERF) published their latest cooperative findings that for the first time, benchmarked the processes and technologies used in the long-range planning process. With data from nearly 300 organizations, most with more than 10 people in the Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) team; larger Finance operations received insight into best practices.

To revisit the major articles that came out of the research findings, we’ve published the first 10-minutes of the findings webcast via this SlideShare. Continue reading